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Andy Enrico

For this project, I worked with Morningside Scholars to
create a brand new website and establish a cohesive brand
identity. The client provided content for the site, but did not
have a logo or defined brand colors.
I began by designing a logo for Morningside Scholars that
reflects the values and mission of the organization. I also
created a brand style guide with a color palette and
typography recommendations.

Using the established branding elements, I designed and
developed a website that effectively communicates the
company's services and showcases their expertise. I also
designed business cards for the client, ensuring consistency
with the overall brand aesthetic.
The final result is a professional and cohesive brand that
accurately represents Morningside Scholars and helps
them effectively engage with their target audience. The
website and business cards are an important part of the
company's marketing efforts and will help them establish a
strong online presence."

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