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The Pixel Picasso: Painting seamless user experiences, one click at a time!

From sketch to screen, infusing every interaction with a splash of personality!

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Mr. Jan de Jong recently honored me with an invitation to apply for this job opportunity. As the owner of my own agency and having operated as a one-man show for several years, I immediately recognized the value of this invitation. It presents a wonderful opportunity to transition from working independently to being part of a team, allowing me to expand my knowledge and skills. As a freelancer for numerous years, I have honed my expertise in web and graphic design. This experience has been enriched by the trust and satisfaction of my clients, providing me with steady progress and new avenues for growth.

I am Marko, a seasoned professional in web and graphic design, with over three years of dedicated experience in the field. Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to have the support of loyal clients who have enabled me to continually evolve and seize new opportunities.

Welcome to the convergence of your aspirations and my passion. WiX serves as my formidable tool, and as a digital designer, my mission is to ensure your distinct presence in the digital realm. By merging your vision with my creative fervor, we will achieve outstanding results together.

My objective is to craft an unparalleled digital presence for you and your business. Your goals become my goals, and I am committed to investing my utmost dedication into realizing your vision.

Thank you,




Brand development and website design

"Marko har vært helt fantastisk! Vi trengte desperat hjelp til å bygge opp vår nettside og Marko leverte virkelig! Vi er kjempefornøyd med servicen, kommunikasjonen og det ferdige resultatet. Vil absolutt anbefale til andre :-)"

- JILL ANETT SMITH, Kosmetisk Sykepleier

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Please review a task I completed last year for a job application, as it closely aligns with the position you are currently hiring for


Thank you

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