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About me

Hello, I am Marko and I have been doing web and graphic design for over 3 years. I have been blessed with satisfied & steady clients over all those years that allowed me to make a progress and get new opportunities.

Welcome to place where your desire meets my hobby. WiX is my powerful tool. As a digital designer, I am here to make you stand out in the digital world. The combination of my passion for design and your vision will ensure a great end result.


My task is to give you and your business the best digital presence possible. I commit to making your passion my passion. 



Marko Vukojevic, CEO at Web Diplomat
UpWork top rated Web Diplomat
Up Work, Top Rated Web Diplomat
WiX Partner Web Diplomat
WiX Partner Legend, Web Diplomat
Web Diplomat logo


Web Diplomat is magazine dedicated to new age diplomacy: it's public diplomacy, new trends in digital age, cryptocurrency and tech ambassadors. 

UpWork, top rated, Web Diplomat

Top Rated

Top Rated highlights designers who have built a strong reputation on Upwork by getting positive feedback from their clients, time after time. They represent the top 10% of talent on Upwork.

UpWork updates eligibility every two weeks to be sure to recognize the most current outstanding members of its marketplace.

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